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We are Part of the history of the valley

a little about Barrett Lane

Barrett Lane has a long, 70-year history in the Swan Valley. Although not always known as Barrett Lane, the Prnich family has been growing grapes and making their own unique grape juice for as long as they can remember. In what may be a familiar story to some, the family moved here from Croatia both before and during the Second World War Рin one case they managed to make it onto the last boat to leave the port at Split, just before it was shut down during the war.

Since then, the family has been a part of the Swan Valley community growing table and wine grapes for some of the most prestigious wine-makers in WA. There was, however, always enough grapes kept to enable them to produce their own grape juice – a juice with a very distinct and mature flavour

They still have a private vintage with bottles that have been aging for over 30 years. Producing this grape juice was, for many decades, done by hand in a process refined by the Prnich family to make a special product that was not available anywhere else. It carried with it the history of the vineyards back in Croatia.

Barrett Lane, as it is now, has become a reflection of the same philosophy that guided the production of their personal vintage. The goal was to produce a venue that captured the essence of the Swan Valley; the people, the style, the tastes and most of all, that ‘family’ feel. Barrett Lane lets those who visit become a part of the Swan Valley family, even if it just for a short time. We want all our guests to leave with a sense of friendship and peacefulness.

Barrett Lane Weddings

Download our weddings booklet for information about both ceremonies and receptions at Barrett Lane.

Barrett Lane Events Booklet
Barrett Lane Events

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Come & Visit

If you would like to come and see our amazing venue and discuss having a wedding or function with us, we would love to meet you! We are open every Friday between 1.30pm and 5pm. Bookings are not necessary, but do make appointment times easier. Please email us here to arrange a viewing time. Thanks!